Staking Basics

Currently, there are two ways of staking on Aleph Zero:

  • Direct nomination: You need a minimum stake (2000 AZERO). You have full control of who you nominate and are free to change your nominations without going through the unbonding period (14 days). Your rewards will be paid to you automatically every day after the ERA change.

SWISS-AREA51 validator address
  • Pooled nomination: You join our "staking pool" that unites a group of stakers. The good things are that you can stake as little as 10 AZERO this way. However, the downside is, that the only way to auto-compound is to claim rewards manually and add to the pool from time to time.

CCS nomination pool
#48 SWISS POOL 🇨🇭 [Lowest fees]

It is important to remember that both staking methods are equally safe, and you are never losing custody of your tokens, only "delegating" them to our validator (we cannot claim them).

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