Set nominees

If you are already staking with the Aleph Zero Foundation nodes and want to switch to our SWISS-AREA51 node, you don't most go through the unbonding period. Just follow the steps below.

SWISS-AREA51 validator address

To set nominees open the Aleph Zero Substrate Portal in your webbrowser.
  1. Select Network -> Staking

  2. In the Staking submenu click on Accounts Click on the 3 dots next to your current Stash account and select Set nominees from the pop-up menu

  3. Remove the foundation validator by clicking on the current nominated account

  4. In the search box enter SWISS and click on our validator SWISS-AREA51

  5. Now our validator is in the nominated accounts and you can click Nominate

  6. To authorize the transaction type your unlock password and click Sign and Submit

  7. You can see now our validator SWISS-AREA51 under Waiting nominations

Useful informations

  • To stake your tokens this will take 1 ERA (approx. 24 hours)

  • To unbond your tokens this will take 14 ERA's (approx. 14 days)

  • Always leave some $AZERO in the controller account. You will use them to pay the transactions to nominate, bond or unbond fonds.

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