Join a pool

If you would like to stake in our pool, the following section describes how to do it.

CCS nomination pool
#48 SWISS POOL 🇨🇭 [Lowest fees]

Advantages of joining a pool

  • You can stake less than 2000 AZERO

Disadvantages of joining a pool

  • Claiming rewards is a manual action

  • Autocompounding is not possible However, you can also compound your rewards into the pool manually

To join our pool, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Aleph Zero Substrate Portal in your webbrowser
  1. Go to Network -> Staking -> Pools

  2. Scroll down to #48 SWISS POOL 🇨🇭 [Lowest fees] and click Join

  3. Enter the amount to stake (initial value) and click Join Please make sure you leave a sufficient amount for the fees

  4. Enter the password of your account and click Sign and Submit

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